Disinformation Resilience Courses


The course matrix is designed for general and public audience who are keen to work on combating disinformation campaigns, specifically starting from Taiwan. We voluntarily organize workshops with veteran internet enthusiasts, issue specialists to provide basic and open course materials for any communities who would like to engage. The course matrix is offered in different tracks and is considered basic in most media, privacy or security literacy programs.


- Track A - 自我保護 Track B - 議題調查 Track C - 管理協調 Track D - 網路空間認知 Track M - 手機
1 通訊工具選擇 Topics: Images, Videos & Metadata Issue Tracking Stakeholders 身份安全管理 (IAM)
2 密碼管理、公共 WiFi、VPN Topics: Transportation IM & Communication DNS, Domain, IP 傳輸安全
3 網路空間和瀏覽路徑 (situational awareness) Topics: Geo-Based Searches Documentation - 儲存安全
4 個人隱私 Topics: Social Media Ad-hoc collaboration - 行為安全
5 數位人格設定 Search - - 協同安全
6 社交媒體和分享 - - - -

Track A - 自我保護

以建立個人本身之假消息韌度 (resilience) 為工作坊設計主軸,培養對於網路空間的基礎認識,讓學員提高對個人日常網路瀏覽行為的認知,並且在數位世界建立安全的人格防護意識。

關鍵字:digital capacity, personal resilience, identity theft protection

Track B - 議題調查


Track C - 管理協調


Track D - 網路空間認知


Track M - 手機